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Tall Dark Handsome by Maverick & Farmer Coffee - 81 points

Review Date: May 2020

Color: 8 / 10

Aroma: 19 / 20

Flavour: 20 / 25

Finish: 17 / 20

Overall Quality: 17 / 25

Total Points: 81 / 100


The coffee is a dark roast. With that in mind, it has pretty bold flavors with notes of dark chocolate and cocoa nibs. It is smoky with a little bit of ashy undertones due to slight over-development. The coffee ends with a dry finish which I kind of liked given that dark roasts are pretty oily. Loved the aroma of this coffee which reminded me of the dark roasts which popular cafe chains are known to serve. Not fruity. Not acidic. Just your plain old french roast.

Best for: French Press, South Indian Filter, Mokapot

Worst for: Pourover

Pro tips:

Food pairing becomes an important aspect in enjoying dark roasts. Use biscuits to cut, complement, contrast and comfort with the bitterness of this coffee

Use coarser grinds for a cleaner body

Final verdict: Buy if you intend to use it with milk or prefer a Starbucks-like french press coffee


Price: Rs 400 for 250g

Roaster: Maverick & Farmer Coffee

Roast level: Dark

Type: Single Estate

Estate Name: Nellikad Estate

Altitude: 800m

Location: Coorg


Disclaimer: Views are personal. These reviews are based on the 100 point ratings system designed by the author.


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