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Nano Crystals by Karma Kaapi - 86 points

Review Date: July 2020

Color: 9 / 10

Aroma: 18 / 20

Flavour: 20 / 25

Finish: 17 / 20

Overall Quality: 22 / 25

Total Points: 86 / 100


This coffee has notes of citrus, sweets, a bit peachy and tobacco. The roaster mentions notes of raisins, sweet orange and dry apricot finish. I loved the aromatics of this coffee and the flavour profile has a definite balance to it. Not too syrupy and finishes fairly decent. Overall a pretty straightforward coffee with a slight complexity justifying the carbonic maceration process.

Best for: Pourovers, Aeropress

Worst for: Mokapot

Pro tips:

Brew using a higher grind size but a lower water temperature to extract the complexity

Final verdict: Pretty good coffee. One of their best.


Price: Rs 450 for 250g

Roaster: Karma Kaapi

Roast level: Light to Medium

Type: Single Estate

Estate Name: Crystal Valley Estate

Altitude: 1000 - 1200 m

Location: Coorg

Processing: Naturally Processed (Carbonic Maceration)



Disclaimer: Views are personal. These reviews are based on the 100 point ratings system designed by the author.


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