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How to brew a Pour over?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

A pour over is one of the simplest methods to brew a coffee. You only need a conical device and a filter paper. Yet the simplicity of this brewing method yields intricate and complex coffees, and is hands down my personal favourite. Let's get down to it.

The AeroPress yields a well balanced light bodied coffee. The brewing time is moderate (~2.5 minutes) and hence, medium to coarse sized grounds are used. This coffee maker performs the best with medium and light roasts.

Estimated Time: 4 minutes

Equipment Required:


  • Weighing scale (for accurate measurements)

  • Gooseneck kettle (for controlled pouring)

Brewing Parameters:

  • Coffee = 20 gms of coffee

  • Grind size = 7/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse)

  • Water = 330 ml of water

  • Water Temp = 85-88° C of water temperature

  • Brewing Time = 150 sec

  • Brewing Style = (Bloom | 30 sec | 60 ml) followed by (Second Pour | 30 sec | 270 ml)

(Note: brewing parameters are calculated wrt weight of coffee in grams)

Side note: Click here for a specially curated playlist to help you ace this pour over


1. Keep V60 device on a carafe or glass.

2. Open the paper filter and gently fit it on the device.

3. Rinse the filter paper with warm water. This helps remove the papery taste from the filter as well as pre-heats the decanter used to brew.

4. Add 20 gms of medium coarse coffee grounds. Ensure that the coffee bed is flat for a uniform extraction.

5. For brewing, a water temperature of 85-88° C is ideal. If you don't have a temperature gauge, let the water sit for 45-60 sec after boiling to get to the ideal temperature.

6. Do remember that in the pouring phase, water needs to be poured clockwise (if the grooves in your V60 are clockwise), it should always fall on the coffee and not the sides, and should be poured slowly yet consistently.

7. Pour upto 60 ml of water (1:2 to 1:3) in the first pour (pre-wetting) to allow for the bloom phase. Wait till the 30 second mark for the second pour (Time stamp: 30 seconds)

8. Pour the rest of the 270 ml of water in the next 30 seconds (Time stamp: 60 seconds)

9. Allow to sit for another 45 seconds (Time stamp: 105 seconds)

10. Gently stir the brew with a paddle or swirl it. Do not do it aggressively else it might get over-extracted. Ensure that the least amount of coffee grounds stick to the sides because all the coffee that is stuck there are flavours lost.

11. At the 150 second mark, remove the device from the decanter. Let it sit for another 30 seconds. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy!

Learn about how to perfect your pour overs here (Coming soon)


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