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Baarbara Estate - Filter Roast by Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters - 88 points

Review Date: May 2020

Color: 9 / 10

Aroma: 18 / 20

Flavour: 21 / 25

Finish: 18 / 20

Overall Quality: 22 / 25

Total Points: 88 / 100


This zesty coffee has hints of sour citrus fruits such as a lemon with a rounded body. As this coffee ages, it develops a dryness of chocolate bitters. The balance between sweetness, sourness and bitters pretty strikes as a coffee which shows the experience of the planter and the roaster. Finally, it has a buttermilk-like finish and tastes well at lower temperatures too. My only complaint with it was the papery cardboard-like note it developed as the coffee aged. A straight-forward no-nonsense coffee. Makes a good everyday option.

Best for: Pourovers, Espresso

Worst for: AeroPress

Pro tips:

Flavours peak in the 8 - 12 day window from roast day. Consume fast

Brew at 92°C but drop temperature of final brew to 70 °C by decanting for a much more rounded coffee

Final verdict: Recommended for those who like medium-roast with mild to no sourness.


Price: Rs 396 for 250g

Roaster: Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Roast level: Filter

Type: Single Estate

Estate Name: Baarbara Estate

Altitude: 1170 - 1600 m

Location: Chikmagalur

Processing: Washed

Varietal: SLN.795


Disclaimer: Views are personal. These reviews are based on the 100 point ratings system designed by the author.


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