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Project 2.2

My name is Nishchay Nath and I run Project 2.2, a platform where you can experience specialty coffee from my lens.

It is a creative and intellectual expression of my experiences, observations and interpretations of the specialty coffee space, not limited to content on this website. I have hosted coffee workshops, curated brewing kits, graphed Spotify playlists and intend to do more in times to come.

Realtime updates can be found here: Project 2.2's Instagram

About me

A private equity professional who find his heart in specialty coffee. I was lucky to have learnt from some of the best roasters and specialty coffee experts in the country, who continue to encourage me to do good for the space. Brewing sessions at Dorm 22 at IIM Ahmedabad and long walks along the 2.2 at IIT Kharagpur inspired the naming of this platform. 

Always open to have a conversation here: Nishchay Nath's Instagram

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